10 Trading Card Games you can Play on Gaming Consoles


The Games Cabin Writes: “After the release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, the new definitive edition of a trading card game with a long history behind it, we thought it might be hard for fans to get into it and get used to all the mechanics and card descriptions, not to mention, there are multiple other games for players who just cant get into Yugioh or arent fond of the mechanics, and this guide exists for the sake of both purposes. Here we enlist all the games available on platforms and/or involve adaptions of their real-life CCC/TCG counterparts, in addition to providing players with information on each game and their related rulings so they are able to choose the experience that works for them the most. Some games are included as Mini-games integrated inside other games, but thats exactly the reason we are shining the light on these ones that might be a little obscure.”

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