90s Parody Game VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole Coming to PC


VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole

Relive the golden age of video games in the upcoming VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole, a hilarious parody adventure game that pays homage to some of the most beloved titles of all time, The open-world game features levels heavily inspired by iconic arcade and console game, each designed by a different artist or team to capture a unique retro look and feel. Play as secret agent extraordinaire VanillaBeast as he sets out on a spirited quest to save the town’s ladies of the night from a mysterious evildoer.“We created VanillaBeast as a love letter to the games we grew up playing,” says Neil Herrin, president, and creative director of Vanilla Gaming Company. “Except if you were playing this game as a kid, your parents would probably take away your console.” 

VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole features a variety of gameplay styles that hearken back to favorites such as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, Punisher and Jaws on the NES, and the Leisure Suit Larry games. Explore an entire city with locations such as the Casino, Country Club, baseball field, Strip Club, Lake Winnedonka, and more to complete side quests and unlock new items to aid you in your progress through the story. Supporting you on your journey is a cast of current and former adult entertainers, including Eva Notty, Kasey Storm, and Anna Claire Clouds, as well as classic photoshoots made available via a partnership with Las Vegas-based Pornstar Platinum. Naturally, the game is chock full of innuendo, off-color humor, and plenty of outrageous content. Yep, the ESRB is going to be our BEST friends.

Additionally, the game is filled with parodies of pop culture icons. Seriously, we dare you to find them all, and if you do, it’s free pizza on us!* The soundtrack, provided by 8-Bit Universe, will have you closing your eyes and dreaming of a time many decades ago when you were trying to get away with playing this sort of edgy stuff without your parents finding out.

anillaBeast: Ace in the Hole is expected to launch for PC in Q4 2023.

About Vanilla Gaming Company

Go Big or Go Home. We’ve all heard that statement before, but what does it mean, really? It means don’t settle. Period. When I started the Vanilla Gaming Company all I heard was “start slow”, “baby steps”, “ease into it”, etc. No. Take this scenario: You’re a rookie, it’s the bottom of the 9th in the big game. You’re down 3 runs with 2 outs and bases loaded, what do you do? Do you hope to just make contact? Try to play it safe and extend the game? Nope, you swing for the fences, hit a Grand Slam, and walk off the field a Champion. Sure, you could strike out and let everyone down, but if you go into your at-bat “just trying to get by”, that’s all you’ll do. You have to believe you can succeed. You have to think BIG.

With that in mind, we’re looking to make the best games possible here at the Vanilla Gaming Company. As an indie game developer, the road isn’t always easy. We don’t always have a major publisher from the start, funding isn’t AAA tier, and resources may be below. What that means to me is I have to work even harder to bring an amazing game to you, the gamer. I’ve been gaming since the ’80s, started on an Atari 2600, so I know a thing or two about what makes a game great. With my expert knowledge in programming and design over the course of my career and overall gaming knowledge, I promise to go Big and swing for the fences with each and every game developed here at the Vanilla Gaming Company.  

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