Abandoned’s Blue Box Game Studios Start Another Conspiracy After Kojima Controversy


In what seems like the next step in an unstoppable cycle of conspiracy theories surrounding Abandoned developer Blue Box Game Studios, users have found what looks to be a “hidden” audio log on the company’s website. The audio log features a machine-generated voice speaking in Japanese and reveals that Blue Box Game Studios is an AI simulation project.

What does Blue Box Game Studios’ ‘hidden’ audio say?

As spotted by the /r/Kojimbox subreddit, the nearly two-minute-long audio recording is hosted on the official Blue Box Game Studios website. However, there is no indication of when Blue Box uploaded the file in question. The audio in question describes how the unreleased Abandoned horror game demo was actually created by an “AI simulation group”. In fact, “Project Blue Box” was supposedly an experiment with AI-generated video games. Unfortunately, the “project” — titled “Zero Cell” — had malfunctioned in the first phase. After months of work and sorting through millions of questions from people across the world, “Zero Cell” is now the strongest AI the company has ever created.

If you’ve read this far hoping that this is some grand, next-level scheme that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is cooking up: I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. While the audio log is unquestionably Japanese, it is also incredibly obvious that it is machine translated from English. It goes without saying that, had Kojima really been trying to hide a message for fans, he would have at least proofread the message himself for errors.

Opinion: Can we all just stop giving Blue Box attention?

Andrew writes…  In all likelihood, this is yet another sad attempt from studio head Hasan Kahraman to ride the hype of a Kojima conspiracy. Why else would a studio based in Europe decide to hide poorly-translated Japanese audio on their website? The studio has also repeatedly delayed demos and released footage of the same five seconds of “gameplay” for the past several months.  The studio has been all talk and no substance. The only thing left is that playable prologue we’ve been waiting for since August 2021. And while Kahraman himself has raised concerns over fans’ calling his work a “scam”, it’s not hard to come to a similar conclusion.

My advice? Just stop giving them attention.

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