After Allegations Of Knowingly Selling Faulty Products, Newegg Updates Its Return Policy


Online computer parts retailer Newegg is updating its returns policy after a recent scandal involving the company selling a faulty motherboard.

Newegg has posted a customer service update to its official Twitter account announcing the change in policy. The company claims that there were a “very small number of returns [that] may not have been thoroughly inspected before being routed for returns, liquidations or e-waste recycling and were accidentally resold as ‘open box’ merchandise.” As such Newegg has “already changed internal procedures to improve” how it will manage product returns.

Speaking to Windows Central, Newegg said that it intends to accept all returns on “open box” products on a “no questions asked” basis. This policy comes after popular PC hardware review YouTube channel GamersNexus released a video that claimed Newegg knowingly sold them a faulty open-box motherboard, while also refusing to refund them.

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