Apex Legends PS5 Version teased for after Defiance launch


apex legends coming to PS5

The official Apex Legends PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade have been teased by developers Respawn Entertainment but won’t be included in the new Defiance update.

Reports are coming in that Apex Legends will be getting a big update on next-gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms in 2022.

Respawn reportedly teased the PS5 and Xbox upgrade during a media event for the game’s Defiance update.

This new patch will officially launch on February 8, and while it will not include any next-gen features, it will take the game forward in other ways.

Apex Legends | Meet Mad Maggie Character Trailer

Apex Legends | Meet Mad Maggie Character Trailer

This includes adding a new character to the roster, alongside big map changes and a new LTM.

Apex Legends on PS5 and Xbox Series X

But while we know the Apex Season 12 release date, Respawn has not shared a launch window for the next-gen patch.

Instead, those attending the event were told it would be revealed very soon, with no solid release window attached.

No mention was made of the underlining features that will be included in the new bundle. But it seems pretty likely that fans can expect a shift in fidelity and performance.

Other games have included upgrades that make them look better, and operate with smoother frame rates and functionality.

Fans will remember that Apex arrived as a surprise back in February 2019 and slowly added smart features to the gameplay.

It quickly cemented its place among the top Battle Royale shooters and continues to expand in new ways.

This includes improving on older features, as well as adding new maps and characters.

Apex Legends 1

Respawn have nerfed Prowlers and reworked them following fan feedback. A statement from Respawn explained that following a full season, they had chosen to make some interesting modifications.

Having noted that Prowlers had become too punishing and not rewarding enough, the team has chosen to reduce the damage and add crafting materials.

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