Call of Duty Warzone Pacific: Locations Of All Chemical Research Labs


With Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 in full swing, Chemical Research Labs and Warzone bunkers have been discovered across the Caldera map. Chemical warfare is the theme of Season 2 and the developers have added new events, points of interest (POIs), and items to fit this concept.

Chemical Research Labs are hidden underground facilities that will reward players with high-quality loot along with some mysteries to uncover. They are guarded by neutral non-player characters (NPCs). If a player gets their hands on the loot, it could make them the strongest one on the map.

Seven Chemical Research Labs can now be discovered across Caldera. The labs are fairly easy to pinpoint since the locations are marked with yellow circles on the map. But these marks only point at the general area and one still needs to know what they are looking for. These are the same round metal hatches previously found locked on Caldera. There are 13 underground bunker hatches but only seven are unlocked.

Players must be aware that these Research Labs have only one way in and out and enemy teams can easily set up ambushes and block exits.

Here’s where you can find the Research Labs in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

caldera map

Caldera Map with Chemical Research Lab markers

Where are the Research Labs located in Caldera

Players can identify the hatches to the Chemical Research Labs thanks to the round metal hatches that are clearly visible on the map.




One of the easiest entrances to the Chemical Research Labs is located at the Docks. The hatch can be found in the open near a truck in the vicinity of the Industrial Docks area, just south of the actual shipping docks. This Chemical Research Lab is near a Buy Station.

Power Plant:

power plant

Power Plant

The hatch at the Docks is one of the easiest to spot, but the Power Plant hatch is the trickiest of them all. This sneaky Chemical Weapon Research Lab can be located by spotting the waterfall in the area and by walking through its left side. The hatch is located in the mineshaft hidden behind the falls.




The hatch at Fields can be located at the back of the field behind two giant blue-and-white-striped silos. There are many silos on the map, but players need to look for these two in particular. This particular hatch is interesting since players can hear a radio from the Chemical Research Lab.




The hatch at Resort is located on a small, grassy hill. It can be easily tracked down as the hatch is directly south of the large, yellow clocktower.




The hatch to this Chemical Research Lab is easy to spot. Players need to head to the Lagoon on the eastern coast of the island. This hatch is located next to the crash site from the trailer of Warzone Pacific Season 1. It is near a hut just north of the crash site.




This hatch can be located west of the mines. It is located on high ground on a cliffside overlooking the Mines. The area is labeled the Phosphate Mines and it can be found next to a large bulldozer.




The hatch located within the Runway area is one of the few that are located indoors. Players can head to the military bunker near Runway and can spot the hatch inside a small room on the ground floor.

These hatches to the Chemical Research Labs seem to include Morse code messages that could hint at future additions to the game and potential easter eggs.

These Chemical Weapon Research Labs usually offer amazing loot with items like killstreaks and orange supply crates but are also worth exploring if you enjoy Easter egg hunts and decoding Morse codes.

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