Cris Tales will be free to claim next week on the Epic Games Store


Cris Tales free NarimWhen publisher Modus Games first announced Cris Tales, the game received a fair amount of praise for its unique art style and combat mechanics. But when the game finally dropped, it received a more mixed reception, with critics taking issue with the title’s decidedly old-school approach to RPG design, as well as its general lack of polish. Although not everyone will necessarily enjoy Cris Tales, that shouldn’t discourage you from trying it out. Numerous players, including myself, saw the game as an incredibly positive experience overall. And luckily, Cris Tales will become free to obtain next week on the Epic Games Store for a limited time. It’s the perfect opportunity for players to see if the game clicks for them. Those who grew up with, and continue to play, classic JRPGs will likely find a lot to love about Cris Tales. It features the tried-and-true setup of a young protagonist discovering her powers and using them to save the world from an untold disaster, and…

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