Dark Souls Servers Shut Down After Exploit Allows Attackers To Access Players’ PCs


Dark Souls and Elden Ring developer From Software has taken all its online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC offline as it investigates an exploit that can give an attacker to your entire system.

The exploit, which has been around for some time, was initially reported to From Software by one of the few people who is able to execute the exploit, according to VGC. The report was met with no reply, forcing the player to stream the exploit and its dangers to bring attention to the issues.

A Dark Souls 3 streamer by the name of The_Grim_Sleeper streamed the exploit and took over his own PC, using a narration app to read out some text to prove how easy it was to control the system remotely. This past Sunday, it seems From Software noticed, with a tweet indicating that all PvP servers for the entirety of the Dark Souls series would be taken offline on PC as it investigates.

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