Dead by Daylight trailer reveals The Ring’s Sadako, showcasing her phasing powers


Dead by Daylight Sadako killerAt this point, the 2016 multiplayer survival horror game Dead by Daylight has crossed over with more horror franchises than one can seemingly count. Not only does the game feature characters from popular horror games like Silent Hill and Left 4 Dead, but it has also brought over some truly iconic faces from beyond the world of games, such as Michael Myers from Halloween and Pinhead from Hellraiser. Late last year, developer Behaviour Interactive teased yet another crossover for the game, this time with the esteemed Japanese horror franchise Ringu, or The Ring as people in the West know it. And just yesterday, Behaviour Interactive revealed that, as one would expect, this crossover made it possible to include Ringu‘s Sadako in Dead by Daylight. According to the developers, Sadako will make her way to the game on March 8, and she will join the title’s ever-expanding roster of playable killers. She comes as part of the “Sadako Rising” event, and will go by the n…

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