Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Gets An Interactive Trailer Detailing The Rise Of Savathun


One of the biggest questions that Destiny 2 players will be looking to answer this year revolves around the game’s latest antagonist somehow stealing the power of the Light and weaponizing it against Guardians. Just how did Savathun gain the power to create the Lucent Brood? You’ll have to wait until February 22, but a new interactive trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen will give players some background on Savathun’s impressive heist.

Bungie’s new Guardian Briefing trailer provides a refresher on just who Savathun is, but the neat part of this video are the “Hotspots” that allow a player to pull up some additional information along the way. Ever since Destiny launched in 2014, its universe has been fleshed out with entire libraries of lore, so this deep dive into the world of the Hive makes for some useful exposition.

It’s relevant information when you want it in this video, as a quick mention of Savathun’s homeworld of Fundament can be expanded on so that you can get the lowdown on the Proto-Hive and the Worm Gods that helped transform the Witch Queen and her siblings into agents of the Darkness. Handy stuff, especially if you’re looking to hop into the new expansion later this month.

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