Embracer Group is Planning to Release Over 25 AAA Games by April 2026


The Embracer Group has been on a massive spending spree over the last few years, picking up studios big and small left, right, and center- and it doesn’t look like that’ll stop anytime soon. And with the likes of Saber Interactive, Gearbox Entertainment, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver, and many others under the company’s belt, it should come as no surprise that Embracer’s got plenty of stuff in the pipeline.

In fact, in Embracer Group’s recent quarterly fiscal report, the company confirmed it has more than 25 AAA games currently in the works across its studios that are planned for launch before April 2026. Meanwhile, AAA not withstanding, Embracer collectively has a total of 216 development projects going right now.

Meanwhile, speaking about recent Embracer acquisitions like Dark Horse Media, the company said, “Upon closing of these transactions, Embracer Group will have one of the most diversified portfolio of IPs across the games industry. The dependency on any single title or IP is expected to be less than five percent of group net sales, hopefully making our operational performance even more predictable.”

As for what these AAA projects could be, that remains to be seen. 4A Games is working on a new IP, a Metro sequel, and a multiplayer Metro experience, so one of those (or perhaps more than one) could be among that list. Meanwhile, it seems like the long-in-development Dead Island 2 might also finally launch within the coming year.

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