Fast-paced brutal FPS ULTRAKILL gets full controller support ready for Steam Deck


ULTRAKILL might be one of the absolute most popular Early Access games from 2020 and it might just be a good pick for the Steam Deck, if you love fast-paced retro-styled shooters.

In the “Saw Your Heart Update” released February 16, the team mentioned they’ve added in full controller support to the game. This includes for all menus, tutorials and on-screen text show controller inputs, aim / look speed is no longer affected by framerate and a few other fixes to make controllers feel good. They said they’re hoping for Deck Verification soon.

A very short but to the point teaser video was also included:

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Game Features:

  • Use your many movement abilities to stay mobile and avoid the relentless attacks of the dead, demons and other machines.
  • Destroy them with an arsenal of incredibly powerful weapons, each with multiple available variations.
  • Soak yourself in their blood to regain health and keep fighting.
  • Kill fast and with SSStyle to rack up combos and gain points that can be used on weapon variations between missions.
  • Master the many levels to achieve high ranks and take on unique optional challenges.
  • Explore the varied and unique campaign environments inspired by Dante’s Inferno to find plentiful hidden secrets

Considering how popular ULTRAKILL is, with over 18,000 user reviews and an Overwhelmingly Positive score – it would be a great one to have on the Steam Deck out of the box.

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