FFXIV Oceania DC Celebration Sale Includes Mounts and Fantasias


FFXIV Oceania DC Fantasia

Square Enix announced a FFXIV Oceania DC Celebration sale, which has select items, such as Phials of Fantasia, select cosmetic outfits, and a handful of mounts, available to purchase at a discount for a limited time. These items will remain on sale at a discounted price until March 11, 2022. Additionally, Square Enix added items from the Valentione’s Day 2021 event to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.

Outside of Phials of Fantasia, the FFXIV Oceania DC Celebration sale will allow for players to obtain the Cruise Chaser and Lunar Whale mounts at a discount. Both mounts are account wide. The Cruise Chaser mount allows for two people to ride the raid boss mount. The Lunar Whale, on the other hand, allows for up to eight people to ride the mount. The item was previously available at the Final Fantasy XIV 2021 Fan Festival event.

The two Valentione’s Day 2021 items that players can now buy include the Lovely Moogle Cap and the Deluxe Stuffed Kupka Kupp. These items were available to obtain through an in-game event. Like previous Valentione’s Day event items, these items have become available through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store roughly a year after the event.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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