Gnosia is Now Available on PC


After launching for Nintendo Switch last year, the PC version for Petit Depotto’s Gnosia suffered a delay into early 2022. However, it recently surprise launched on Steam. It’s now available for $25 – check out the Japanese launch trailer below.

Gnosia is about the titular beings which are bent on destroying humanity. As part of a crew on a spaceship, the player is tasked with finding and destroying the Gnosia. The twist is that they can infect different crew members and blend in. It’s up to the player to identify the impostors and sentence them into cold sleep before they can kill too many people.

Mixing elements of visual novels, role-playing games and social deduction, Gnosia also incorporates time looping elements. As you complete different loops, you’ll learn more about the Gnosia and level up different stats like Charisma, Charm, and so on to better convince crewmates, suss out impostors and use logic to win arguments.

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