GTA Online Update Makes It Easier To Play The Short Trips Co-Op Mission Involving Weed


Rockstar Games has announced what’s next for GTA Online, and it’s all about marijuana. A new mission called Short Trips is now more widely available in GTA Online, calling on players to help Lamar kickstart his weed business in a storyline that sounds like it’s ripped from the headlines of the real world.

“It was supposed to be so simple: a couple storefronts in tourist-friendly neighborhoods, branded grinders, boutique strains, prescription-strength edibles, but Lamar’s run into all sorts of issues getting his operation off the ground,” reads a line from the Short Trips description. “First off, legalization didn’t kill the illegal drug trade, but it did create an incentive for black-market dealers to undercut upstanding, tax-paying citizens like Mr. Davis. Then there are the celebrity investors and venture capitalists who heard about the latest cash-crop and circle overhead like vultures.”

Short Trips is a two-player co-op mission accessible from the Jobs menu of GTA Online, and it pays out double GTA$ and RP now through February 16. It was originally only available to play after completing certain elements of The Contract, but now everyone can jump in much more easily.

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