Guitar Hero Revival Could be Coming Soon


Guitar Hero was a big hit when it came out in the mid-00s, but the franchise had virtually disappeared by the time the PS4 started hitting shelves. Good news for music/gaming fans, because Guitar Hero could be looking at a comeback in the near future.

Guitar Hero Revival Could be Coming Soon

In an interview with Venturebeat, current Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick talked about what possible future projects they could have with Xbox, and he said:

“[Xbox head Phil Spencer] and I started riffing on things for the future. I’ll give you three that are really compelling. I wanted to make a new Guitar Hero for a while, but I don’t want to add teams to do manufacturing and supply chain and QA for manufacturing. And the chip shortages are enormous.”

With the new merger, it possible that a new Guitar Hero—as well as games like Skylanders and Candy Crush—could be made possible thanks to the assets that Microsoft can provide. “I had a really cool vision for what the next Guitar Hero would be,” said Kotick, and though he didn’t elaborate on any of it, at least we have an idea on what could be coming to the future with this Xbox/Blizzard merger.

If anything, Guitar Hero had introduced gamers to a new wave of rhythm games, and the series was also applauded for its great soundtrack. We don’t know what the next generation of Guitar Hero could look like, but it would be great if devs could find a way to get more kids into a whole new genre of music. I mean, they got as far as DJ Hero; what else could  be next?

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