Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost Adds New Original Characters and Suits


Gundam Extreme XBoost

Arcade game Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost’s roster is about to get bigger, thanks to Project N-Extreme (pronounced “Nextreme”). The expansion implements new characters and their mecha in the game. Rather than drawing from elsewhere in the Gundam canon, the new characters are original to Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost.

A new trailer released on February 19, 2022, detailed the members of “Versus Team AA”, the first three new characters to come from Project N-Extreme.
The characters of Team Versus AA are Sai Amagi, Chikage Ebihara, and Melina Marronfitz. Of the planned four playable characters, Sai and Chikage are the first to be made playable in Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost. All of them use mobile suits from the new “Gundam N-Extreme” line of designs. The N-Extreme suits draw on concepts specifically based on the Gundam Extreme VS series. This is because they and the characters are “native” to the game’s setting, rather than being adapted from other points in the Gundam franchise. Sai’s Mobile suit is the N-Extreme Gundam Explosion. Chikage’s is the N-Extreme Gundam Xanadu. Melina is a Navigator, a non-combat character that updates player teams in mid-combat.

Both mobile suits and the Melina Navigator DLC will go live in-game in March 2022. To flesh out the Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost setting, Gundam Ace magazine is also running a manga series titled Mobile Suit Gundam N-Extreme, starring the members of Team Versus AA.

Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost already has an expansive roster of playable mobile suits. Drawn from all over Mobile Suit Gundam history, virtually every major Gundam sub-brand has representation in the over 200 mecha included in its selection.

Gundam Extreme VS 2 XBoost is playable in arcades. Gundam Extreme VS Maxiboost ON is available worldwide on PS4.

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