Here’s The Next Hashira(s) Who Will Appear In Demon Slayer Season 3


Next Hashiras to appear in Demon Slayer

Spoilers: This post contains spoilers from Demon Slayer manga and anime.

The second season of Demon Slayer followed the journey of Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku and the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui. But who will be the next Hashira(s) to appear in Demon Slayer Season 3?

The first appearance of Hashiras was a point to remember in Demon Slayer. With such a striking appearance, they looked like something worth in the show. And the fights of Rengoku and Tengen Uzui in their respective battles revealed the true powers of a Hashira.

Like every demon has its unique strength and Blood Demon Art, every Hashira has its unique fighting style and breathing technique. That’s what makes the show more intriguing. Now that the Mugan Train Arc and Entertainment District Arc are over, it’s time to introduce the new storyline in season 3 and an appearance of a new Hashira.

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Demon Slayer | Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc Official Teaser Trailer

Demon Slayer | Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc Official Teaser Trailer

Next Hashira(s) To Appear In Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc

After Gyutaro and Daki’s death, Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji sends two new demons, Gyokko and Hantengu, to Swordsmith Village to wipe out the entire town. But the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, are already there to save the village from the upper-rank demons. The two Hashiras will be assisted by Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya Shinazugawa, in their battles.

Mitsuri Kanroji: Character Explained

Mitsuri Kanroji is a beautiful young nineteen-year-old lady and the current Love Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. She uses the Love Breathing technique, a subdivision of the Flame Breathing technique that further falls under Sun Breathing. Her Demon Slayer Mark portrays two hearts made in the form of wings and engraved on the left side of her neck.

Being a Love Hashira, Mitsuri is a very emotional, passionate, and kind-hearted. But her soft spot is not for the demons, which can be seen in the manga chapters where she battles Hantengu. She fights with a thin whip-like sword which matches her flexible fighting style. The demonstration of her true powers was also seen by Muzan when she takes hold of his arm whip and rips it apart just using her hands.

Plus and I just read how Mitsuri got her uniform and Rengoku’s reaction 💀💀

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Muichiro Tokito: Character Explained

Muichiro Tokito is a confident-looking boy and the youngest Hashira in the current Demon Slayer Corps at just 14 years of age. He uses the mist breathing technique, which falls under Wind Breathing and falls under the Sun Breathing Technique. Muichiro is always lost in his thoughts and struggles to gain a complete focus. But he earns his entire focus in critical situations.

He might sometimes get a little arrogant at others, but he has great respect for his master, Kagaya Ubuyashiki. After training for only two months, he achieved the status of a Hashira, reflecting his extraordinary talent. Muichiro’s abilities include his increased senses, using which he can distinguish between the aura of a human and a demon. While fighting Gyokko in the Swordsman Village Arc, Muichiro awakens his Demon Slayer mark, which appears to be a mist-like design, covering his face and body and enhancing his abilities.

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