‘Hidden Folks+’ Is This Week’s New Apple Arcade Release alongside Big Updates for ‘Solitaire Stories, ‘Super Leap Day’, ‘SongPop Party’, and More


The original Hidden Folks from Adriaan de Jongh is an excellent hidden objects game featuring hand drawn visuals. It is an absolute joy to play, and it has now released on Apple Arcade in the form of Hidden Folks+ () as an App Store great. If you’ve not played it yet, imagine Where’s Waldo but on a touch screen with superb interactions and hand drawn art and you get Hidden Folks. Read our glowing review of the original game here. Hidden Folks+ is one of the better additions to the service in recent times for sure. Check it out on Apple Arcade here. Watch the trailer for the game below:

Alongside today’s new release, many games have gotten updates including Mini Metro+ that I already covered. Red Games Co’s Solitaire Stories and Crayola Create and Play+ have both gotten meaty updates. The former now has new prize pod reviews for customization, part two of Pen Pals, a new cat-themed story, and a new frame rate option to save battery. Crayola Create and Play+ celebrates Crayola Creativity Week until January 30th letting you try out special activities. This update actually went live a few days ago.

Gameloft’s SongPop Party has a new Valentine’s Day event letting you unlock Romeo as a playable character, new content for the next few months, a new playlist, and more. The final update of this week is Nitrome’s Super Leap Day that has gotten the Aqua Update featuring a new Sunken Island and a new bonus Fishing Day game. The island has a new swimming system, dynamic waterline, rafts, new obstacles, new enemies, a beach ball, the Fruit Fish collectible, and much more. Fishing Day is a new one button game included in today’s update.

Check out our forum threads for the original Hidden Folks here, Hidden Folks+ here, Super Leap Day here, SongPop Party here, Crayola Create and Play+ here, and Solitaire Stories here. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. As of this writing, there is no upcoming game listed for Apple Arcade on the App Store. I’m not sure what to think of that barring the service likely slowing down, but what would you like to see arrive this year and have you enjoyed the App Store Greats?

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