Hit Netflix original All of Us Are Dead to receive mobile game adaptation


Developer IKINA Games announced on their official Twitter account that they will be adapting the heavily acclaimed, recently released Netflix original show All of Us Are Dead into a multi-platform adventure game. This announcement comes off the booming popularity of the series that currently sits as the 3rd most viewed on the platform. While details are relatively scarce, IKINA did say the game itself will be a story-based adventure title and using what we know about their previous games, we can get a general gist of what it may look like. The company’s previously released mobile game OrderZero used heavily anime-inspired aesthetics, and judging by the piece of art the company shared alongside the announcement, which is below, that is a safe bet for this title as well. On the gameplay front, given the small amount of information we have, it is tough to say exactly what the game might look like. OrderZero was a top-down action shooter with a loot system, so it seems that IKINA is trying their hand at a new genre with this adaptation. … [MORE]

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