Horizon Forbidden West Dyes: Where To Find Blooms And How To Customize Aloy’s Armor


Horizon Forbidden West is full of things to do off of the critical path, as you can see in our full breakdown of how long it takes to beat. One of the smaller but trickier details you can look out for is using dyes to change the colors of Aloy’s armor sets. You’ll collect a lot of armor during the game, and each one includes its own perks with the option to add more via “weaves,” passive boosts that can further improve armor. But it’s not all about function; fashion plays a role as well. Here’s how to use dyes in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West dyes explained

You’ll start collecting dyes early on in the story, and you can start using them to customize Aloy’s armor once you get to a settlement named Plainsong. This is the first major settlement you’ll visit after the game’s extended prologue. In Plainsong, look for the dyer, a merchant selling different styles for Aloy’s armor.

Each armor set has its own collection of dyes, and though some repeat in name and color scheme, unlocking a particular dye for any one armor set does not unlock the same dye for other armor sets. In short, it can take a while to unlock all of the dyes for all of Aloy’s armor, but it’s also likely that you won’t want to–unless you really want to unlock everything in the massive world.

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