Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide – How To Unlock Them All


Fighting machines is cool in Horizon Forbidden West, but hacking them to make them your allies is cooler–and hacking them to make them your pets is the best, especially since the game is enormous. While you can eventually turn any machine into a teammate for a brief period with Aloy’s Override ability, a handful of machines can be ridden as mounts, making it a lot easier to get around the game world.

Forbidden West adds more mounts than were available in the last game, Horizon Zero Dawn, and also includes a couple of robot creatures you might not expect to be able to ride. Overriding each one requires you to venture to and override a specific Cauldron, however, and one mount can’t be unlocked until you progress the story to a certain point. We’ll keep that one to the end of this list, but note that there will be slight spoilers if you want to uncover that last mount on your own.

Here’s the full list of mounts you can find in the games and what it’ll take to unlock them.

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