Horizon Forbidden West Tinnitus Sounds Explained & How To Turn Off


horizon forbidden west tinnitus sounds

If you’ve ventured into the audio settings of Horizon Forbidden West, you’ve probably come across an option called ‘Tinnitus Sounds’. This isn’t exactly a feature seen in many other games, so here’s what you need to know.

According to the official NHS website, “Tinnitus is the name for hearing noises that are not caused by sounds coming from the outside world”. Essentially, whenever you get a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears that isn’t caused by anything around you, this is known as Tinnitus.

So, why exactly is there an option for this strange effect in Horizon Forbidden West?

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Horizon Forbidden West | Accolades Trailer

Horizon Forbidden West | Accolades Trailer

Horizon Forbidden West Tinnitus Sounds Feature Explained

If you’ve played enough of Horizon Forbidden West, you’ve probably noticed that the game recreates the effect of Tinnitus on multiple occasions. Much like real life, this usually occurs when Aloy hears a loud noise from explosions or special enemy attacks.

The Burrower enemy is one of the enemy types that causes Aloy to practically break down from the effects of Tinnitus, if the feature is enabled in your settings. The creature releases a high pitched sound that blocks out all other sounds around you, meaning you’ll only hear the ringing whilst The Burrow uses its special attack.

However, this feature can be disabled via the in-game settings, meaning you don’t have to put up with the annoying sounds. Full steps to turn off the sounds can be found further down this article.

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How To Turn Off Tinnitus Sounds In Horizon Forbidden West

If you’re not a fan of the persistent ringing sounds in Horizon Forbidden West, all you need to do is follow the steps below to turn off the Tinnitus Sounds feature:

  • Open up the main menu by selecting the ‘Options’ button on your PS4/PS5 controller.
  • Press R1 to navigate to the ‘Audio’ tab.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Turn Off Tinnitus Sounds’ setting and change it to ‘Yes’.

The feature will now be disabled!

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