Horizon Forbidden West trophies will help plant trees


Sony have announced a number of initiatives tied in with Horizon Forbidden West which launches this Friday.

In the United States the “Play and Plant” program will partner with the Arbor Day Foundation. Any player who gains the “Reached the Daunt” trophy before March 25th will have a tree planted for them.

As that trophy unlocks very early on the game it’s likely the target of 228,000 trees required will easily be met. The trees will be planted in three areas, Douglas County Forest in Douglas County, Wisconsin, Sheep Fire Private Lands in Lassen County, California, and Torreya State Park in Liberty County, Florida.

The UK will also be benefit from the game’s launch as Sony UK have made a rather tenuous link by suggest Aloy’s wing shield is like a small version of the Eden Project Biomes in Cornwall. They have partnered with Eden Project and will be creating a a 12-acre wildflower habitat in Morecambe, Lancashire, to be sown in March.

“This new habitat will be developed to support local wildlife and aid biodiversity. (Don’t worry, no Clawstriders),” say Sony.

Our friends across the channel can also join in the ecological fun as in France for every five “Couards atteints” trophies unlocked a tree will be planted in the Grand Est region of France.

I related news, LEGO and PlayStation have announced their first new model based off Horizon Forbidden West and Zero Dawn, recreating the series’ iconic Tallneck robot. The LEGO Tallneck will be available from May 2022 and priced at £69.99 / €79.99 / $79.99.

Horizon Forbidden West scored 9/10 in our review. “The story is particularly well written and ebbs and flows from air punching highs to dark, horrific lows,” said the handsome and charming reviewer.

“Like later Jurassic Park movies it suffers from the fact that we’ve already seen massive robotic dinosaurs on our TVs, the wow factor is reduced, and that the puzzles, crafting, and RPG elements could have been lifted from any number of games. Even so, it’s still a spectacular robo-beast smack down and thoroughly enjoyable to play.”

Source: Sony / Twitter

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