How to Complete All Monster Eradication Goals in Stardew Valley


At first glance, you might think Stardew Valley is only all about farming crops, raising animals, and pursuing a romance with the villagers. But it is also a known fact that this game has a lot to uncover below the surface. And when it comes to the monsters that lurk beneath the lighthearted scene that we usually see in the valley, there is indeed so much more to discover.

How to Complete All Monster Eradication Goals in Stardew Valley

If you have been wondering what you can gain from slaying monsters in this game, you are in luck because today, we will discuss all the Monster Eradication Goals and the rewards you will obtain from completing these quests.

Joining the Monster Slaying Guild

MonsterEradicationGoals AdventurersGuild1

The Adventurer’s Guild is a small organization of people dedicated to vanquishing monsters in Pelican Town and maintaining the town’s peace and prosperity. You will be invited to join the Adventurer’s Guild by Marlon when you discover the Mines. But first, you will have to prove you are worthy of becoming an adventurer by slaying ten Slimes.

MonsterEradicationGoals AdventurersGuild2

After becoming a guild member, you will be given some tasks to fulfill called the Monster Eradication Goals. These quests are all about defeating certain monsters a specific number of times. You will be rewarded with a special item whenever you finish a quest. Gil, another guild member, is the one who provides you with these goods.

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To keep up with your progress, you may check the bulletin board inside the guild’s establishment.

Getting Ready to Hunt some Monsters

A horde of enemies await on each floor, and things will only get more difficult as you descend further in the dungeons. Here are some tips that can effectively aid you in your monster-slaying conquest.

Items to Bring

MonsterEradicationGoals Items

As you might already know, you can not survive in the Mines or the Skull Cavern without bringing a weapon. Moreover, you must always have food to restore your health and give you various status buffs.

Lastly, do not forget to craft some Monster Musks before challenging the dungeon foes. Monster Musk is a consumable item that you can get from the Wizard after completing the Prismatic Jelly quest. One spray of this strange perfume can lure out all the monsters hiding in caverns or dungeons, making them come at you in large numbers.

Combat Professions

MonsterEradicationGoals CombatProfessions2

As you improve your Combat Skill and reach certain levels, you will be prompted to choose between two Combat Professions.

Should you want to complete all Monster Eradication Goals with little difficulty, you might want to select the Fighter Profession to increase your attack damage by 10% and add 15 points to your health. Choosing the Brute Profession afterward will raise your attack damage to 15% and increase your health by 25 points. By picking this route, not only can you inflict more powerful attacks on enemies, but you will also be able to withstand damage from them.

If you have already decided on a Profession before and would like to change or reset them, you can head to the Sewers and access the Statue of Uncertainty. Offer 10,000 Gold to the statue, and you will get another chance to pick a new set of Combat Profession the next morning.

All Monster Eradication Goals

Many of these goals require a great deal of grinding to complete, but the reward you can claim for accomplishing them will most likely be worth your while. That is why we have written below a comprehensive guide on how to complete all Monster Eradication Goals, including the prizes you will get for completing each task.


MonsterEradicationGoals Slimes

Get the Slime Charmer Ring by defeating a total of 1000 Slimes. These tenacious foes can spawn anywhere in the Mines, but they can also be found in the Secret Woods.

Except for Big Slimes and Slimes in Slime Hutches, you can kill Slimes of any color to complete this Monster Eradication Goal. You may also include Dangerous Slimes to the list of monsters you would want to eliminate. Dangerous Slimes are tougher counterparts of regular slimes, and they can only appear in the Danger in the Deep quest or when you toggle on the Shrine of Challenge.

The Slime Charmer Ring is an item essential for players who love to dive deep into the Mines since Slimes are everywhere, and the ring gives you the ability to become invulnerable to Slime attacks. Also, you can not become a Slime Breeder without the Slime Charmer Ring. Slimes are known to be untameable. So even if you decide to take care of them in a Slime Hutch, they will still attack you senselessly.

Cave Insects

MonsterEradicationGoals CaveInsects

Defeat 125 Cave Insects to get the Insect Head. The Insect Head is a unique sword weapon that appears like the tusks of a colorful insect. To get the Insect Head, you must look for Bugs, Cave Flies, Grubs, and Dangerous Cave Insects in the Mines. Cave Insects are notorious for spawning in large numbers on levels 1 to 39, so completing this goal is not that difficult. What you can do is stay on floors filled with Cave Flies and Grubs and wait for for them to multiply until you can kill a bunch of them.

You can also hunt for Mutant Cave Flies and Mutant Grubs in the Mutant Bug Lair and Prehistoric Floors in the Skull Cavern. Armored Bugs in Skull Cavern are a bit bothersome to kill because no weapon can penetrate their armored skin. You can only defeat them with a weapon that has a Bug Killer enchant.

Void Spirits

MonsterEradicationGoals VoidSpirits

Defeat a total of 150 Void Spirits to obtain the Savage Ring. Shadow Brutes are hard to avoid as they will persistently chase after you once they see you. These humanlike monsters dwell on lower floors starting at level 80, along with Shadow Shamans. Shadow Shamans can heal, so it would be best to finish them before healing other monsters. If you run into Dangerous versions of these Void Spirits, do not hesitate to slay them as well. 

When equipped, the Savage Ring can make you slightly agile each time you kill an enemy.


MonsterEradicationGoals Bats

Strike off this goal from your list by killing at least 200 Bats. Like Slimes, lots of them can spawn on several floors in the Mines. The best strategy to defeat the Bats is to time your strikes precisely. It is best to use a melee weapon like a Sword instead of a Club or a Dagger when fighting Bats. When a group of Bats tries to lunge at you simultaneously from different directions, you can back away from them until they are all close together and then hit them all at once.

Try to defeat any Bat you encounter in the Mines or the Cavern, including the Dangerous ones. Most Bats can be seen on floors 41 to 69 in the Mines. You can also hunt for Bats on levels 101 through 120 since plenty of them spawn on those floors.

After completing this goal, you will obtain a Vampire Ring. The Vampire Ring can restore 2 points of your health after you kill a monster. This accessory is pretty useful when you get drained out of HP and food items while on a dungeon run.

Rock Crabs

MonsterEradicationGoals RockCrabs

The Crabshell Ring can increase your defense by 5 points. And you can only get them from the Adventurer’s Guild after killing 60 Rock Crabs.

Rock Crabs are a bit uncommon compared to the other monsters on this list, so it is a good thing that you will only need to kill 60 of them. Regular Rock Crabs are often found on floors 1 to 29 in the Mines. You can also come across some Lava Crabs on lower mine levels, particularly floors 81 to 119. Meanwhile, Iridium Crabs are usually seen in the Skull Cavern starting on the 26th floor.

Rock Crabs like to disguise themselves as stones, so get ready to strike them quickly when you see them rushing towards you. The fastest way to kill Rock Crabs is to craft some bombs and use them on floors with piles of stones.


MonsterEradicationGoals Skeletons

Skeletons often wander the Mines on floors 71 to 79. They can cause damage by throwing bones in your direction when they see you, even at a distance. But they can attack you if you go near them or if you are in close range as well. Acquire the Skeleton Mask by killing 50 Skeletons.

There are two Dangerous versions of the Skeleton monster. One is the weaker ones which are beige-colored, while Dangerous Skeletons have a light blue hue. Skeleton Mages look similar to Dangerous Skeletons, except they wear a cape. These undead mages can shoot you with a long-ranged attack, and they can also cast a blue spell which can make you paralyzed for 2 seconds.

The Skeleton Mask does not give you special buffs or abilities, and it is only intended as an accessory.


MonsterEradicationGoals Duggies

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