How to Get Cleaver in Hero Wars


Heroes fall into at least one archetype, whether it’s design or playstyle. In the case of Cleaver from Hero Wars, he’s an axe-wielding tank capable of crowd control, fitting into that archetype perfectly. Due to Hero Wars’ gacha mechanics, however, unlocking Cleaver for your team isn’t easy.

How to Get Cleaver in Hero Wars

There is some difficulty getting Cleaver for yourself, and it’s not missions or challenges that hold you back. What you should worry about instead are luck and drop rates. It’s not all grim, though. If you play the game, you can eventually unlock him with the right strategy.

cleaver 1Obtaining Cleaver From Heroic Chests in Hero Wars

The only reliable way to get Cleaver is to open Heroic Chests. Every day after logging into Hero Wars, you can open one Heroic Chest for free. If you want to open more, you can spend 200 Emeralds on another or 2,000 for ten more.

Occasionally, there may be discounts on 10-chest pulls, which lower the Emerald costs somewhat. However, keep in mind that you may need to open a lot of chests before you win this character. Cleaver is the grand prize of Heroic Chests, making him the rarest drop out of this item.

heroic chestsDrop Rates and Chances

The base chance for getting Cleaver from a Heroic Chest is a mere 0.01%. This number sounds like bad news, but don’t go complaining just yet. The developers have implemented several incentives to make obtaining him easier as time goes on.

First, remember that the drop rate increases slightly for every Heroic Chest you open and don’t get Cleaver. There hasn’t been any official information on how much it rises each time, though you can always find speculation about the increased rates.

Next, you should know that the chances of summoning new heroes and those you already own are the same. Therefore, there’s a 50-50 chance for each pull between winning someone you don’t have and another you own.

The chances of finding heroes you have the most Soul Stones for are also higher. Thus, the only way to get Cleaver through Heroic Chests is to open your daily chest. You can buy more Emeralds and open multiple chests if you’re not averse to spending money.

While you also earn some Emeralds from playing the game, they’re probably not enough for most players to justify spending on multiple 10-pulls. You might need them for something else.

new heorLimited Events

Occasionally, there are time-limited events such as New Year’s and YouTube live streams. During these times, the developers open a lottery for player participation. If you’re lucky, you might get a free Cleaver just for participating. However, there are also plenty of other rewards in the lottery to justify participating, even if you don’t win the character.

Sometimes, the events are competitions or lucky draws. These are a little easier for getting Cleaver, even if you might win something else, like the lotteries.

new yearCleaver’s Skills

As a Tank and Control Hero, Cleaver’s skills focus on dealing damage and disrupting enemies.

White Skill: Rusty Hook

Cleaver throws his hook at a faraway opponent, dealing damage and pulling them to himself.

s1Green Skill: Putrefaction

When Cleaver casts Putrefaction, he deals AoE damage to nearby opponents and himself for five seconds.

s2Blue Skill: Mutilation

Cleaver slashes opponents in front of him with his namesake weapon, dealing damage and also inflicting Stun. Although, enemies above Level 130 have a lower chance of getting stunned.

s3Violet Skill: Heavyweight

Heavyweight is Cleaver’s passive skill, which does nothing but grants him additional Strength stats.

As with other Heroes, the higher Cleaver’s level, the more effective his skills become. Each skill has a different point of getting upgrades.

s4The King of Butchery

Cleaver is an excellent choice for beginners to use in teams, though other Heroes later eclipse him. With enough patience and luck, you can eventually get him from opening your daily Heroic Chest, even if you’re not aiming for him.

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