In the UK, 70% of Boxed Horizon Forbidden West Buyers Paid More Than They Needed To


British problems.

And this, dear readers, is why companies are so cunningly ambiguous! Early physical sales data for Horizon Forbidden West has arrived in the UK, and with it comes confirmation that “almost a third of sales” were on the PlayStation 4. That means roughly 70 per cent of people paid £10 extra to own the PS5 version of the game – despite it offering a free upgrade on Sony’s previous platform, for the lower price of £59.99.

There are no real advantages to buying the £69.99 physical PS5 edition, aside from some minor changes to the labelling on the boxart. Some may argue that the free PS4 to PS5 upgrade process that Sony provides isn’t particularly reliable, annoyingly installing PS4 data when it’s not needed – but this is a firmware flaw that the company really should have solved by now, and £10 still seems like a high price to pay for some potential inconveniences.

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