Jackass Forever’s Johnny Knoxville Has Big Plans For Sami Zayn At WWE Royal Rumble


He’s tangled with charging bulls, broken bones, suffered concussions, and spent years at Steve-O’s side. Still, Jackass leader Johnny Knoxville is about to face one of his toughest feats yet: he will be competing in WWE’s 2022 men’s Royal Rumble match. Knoxville has appeared sporadically on WWE Smackdown of late and now has his sights set on the 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royale match–and the Wrestlemania championship opportunity awarded to the winner of the match.

“My name is Johnny Knoxville,” he told GameSpot while promoting Jackass Forever, the fourth big-screen adaptation of the iconic MTV series. “I come from the south. I like to talk smack and run my mouth. All the girls say I’m something to see. I’m the new king of the WWE.”

Knoxville’s smack talk is said with all of the confidence of a man that’s been putting his body on the line in stunts for over 20 years as the ringleader of the Jackass crew. He knows what he’s up against and is confident he’s going to walk out victorious. “This is the road to Wrestlemania because I’m gonna win,” he promises.

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