Kingdom Of The Dead is an unpretentious ghoul shooter with excellent music


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Dirigo Games impressed former RPS neck honcho Adam Smith with Depths Of Fear, and later added two excellent games to to The Bundle. Syscrusher was a very brief but smooth and exciting shooter, and Stowaway an atmospheric monster horror. Their new game, Kingdom Of The Dead, combines the two; a striking fast paced FPS about a… paranormal vigilante cowboy, I think? It does not sit you down and explain itself, and I actually kind of like that about it.

You’re part of, or possibly all of, a kind of 19th century X Files, except instead of talking and analysing the situation, you already know that the way to deal with undead weirdness is to roll up with your revolver and kick its face in. Interesting as the premise is, it’s really about blasting around some fun environments for a few hours, and I’ve enjoyed it more with every level.

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