Latest Call Of Duty Vanguard Update Adds Fortified Changes, Bug Fixes


Sledgehammer Games has deployed the latest Call of Duty: Vanguard update patch notes for you to digest, which comes with a bunch of changes including tweaks to the Fortified Perk and another round of bug fixes.

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Spawns on Paradise have been adjusted to address community feedback after players reported spawning next to enemies

Fixed a spawn resulting in the player falling through the map

Added invisible collision to prevent spawn trapping from one spawn point to the other



Fortified now adds protection from the following:

Mortar Barrage


Flamenaut Explosions

Ammo Box Explosions

Gammon Bombs

Satchel Charges

Fortified no longer protects against the following:


Glide Bomb

Bombing Run

Fire Bombing Run

Direct hits from launchers

Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded now protects against dogs

Weapons & Attachments

“Summoning” reticle from Graveyard Shift Bundle is now visible in Gunsmith

Fixed a bug resulting in Subsonic unintentionally disabling Ghost

Fixed a bug where weapon icons were showing up on interactable objects such as doors


Fixed a bug that resulted in the player appearing to be on fire, even when no damage was being dealt

Private Match

Addressed an issue in Control where the match would end prematurely when a Codcaster disconnected



Addressed an issue where Ring of Fire Tier II dealt inconsistent damage

An upgraded Ring of Fire’s damage no longer causes damage to zombies above or below the placed ring

Ring of Fire’s damage now scales correctly per level

Addressed an issue where kills with Artifacts would charge the Artifact for an additional use

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