Lost Ark: How to change the mouse control in the new MMORPG


Although Lost Ark is an MMORPG, it relies on typical hack’n’slash controls. So you move with the mouse and use it to carry out normal attacks. At the start, you decide on a method of control. We at Nintendosmash reveal how you can change them afterward.

How do you change the controls in Lost Ark? Basically, you always have to use one mouse button to move and pick up items while attacking with the other mouse button. Nothing can be changed about that.

If you have decided on a variant at the beginning, either attack with a right-click or attack with a left-click, you can change the setting at any time using the hotkeys. However, the option for this is somewhat hidden:

  • First press Escape and then select “Settings”.
  • Then you navigate on the right side to “Hotkeys” and then “Basic Controls”.
  • There you have in the fourth option a hook at “attack with right-click”. Depending on whether you have activated this hook or not, the controls will change.
  • However, you cannot directly change the mouse buttons, which has already caused some confusion.

Which settings can still be made? Basically, you can remap many keys, including:

  • Attack with the keyboard
  • Automatic moving
  • The different skills
  • The hotkeys for using items
  • The basic menu navigation

However, options such as hiding the UI (always “ALT+X”), showing the prey names (always “ALT”), and interacting with the keyboard (always “G” and “H”) cannot be changed.

How do you even fight in Lost Ark? You move through the game world with mouse clicks (right or left). With the other mouse button, you perform a simple attack. However, this attack can also be performed using the keyboard (the “C” key by default).

Already in the tutorial, you get a handful of skills that you can use with the keys “Q, W, E, R, A, S” or another assignment of your choice. Potions and items are on the “F1” key and the numbers 1-9.

Slashing through hordes of monsters and kiting play an important role in Lost Ark’s combat system.

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