Lost Ark players will be rewarded for joining the newly opened Europe West servers


Lost Ark delayLost Ark had a wildly successful launch in the West, racking up well over 1 million concurrent players daily. However, the sheer volume of players trying to get into the MMORPG has resulted in some regions experiencing long queue times and instability. Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games were quick to respond to these issues by increasing server capacity, gifting players in-game rewards, and announcing a new region of servers. That region, Europe West, has just opened for Lost Ark players to join. The Europe Central region was hit the worst by the long queues. So, another region on the continent will be most welcome by new players and those looking to create new characters. In the announcement of the new region opening, Smilegate and Amazon did warn that this is expected to reduce queue times on Europe Central, not eliminate them.   Lost Ark Europe West region details If you’re already playing Lost Ark and you move to the Central Europe region, you will still have access to your Roy…

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