Marvel’s Avengers Devs “Aren’t Yet Ready to Reveal the Next Full Roadmap”


There hasn’t really been a light at the end of the tunnel for Marvel’s Avengers pretty much since the day it launched. The game underwhelmed most players and critics upon release, and lackluster support since then hasn’t exactly helped matters. Character additions like Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther have been met with indifference at best, while the recent addition of Spider-Man (exclusively on PlayStation) was widely criticized as well.

As for what lies ahead for the game, that’s anyone’s best guess right now. The aforementioned Spider-Man was the last major content update for the game, and we’re well past the period that the game’s last roadmap covered. So what’s next? Well, it seems like Crystal Dynamics isn’t ready to talk about that yet.

In a monthly developer update on the game’s official website, the developer shared some details on some fixes and tweaks coming to the game in the near- to mid-term, but said that they “aren’t yet ready to reveal the next full roadmap.” So when can we expect that roadmap? Well, it doesn’t seem like things have been finalized just yet, so it might take a little while longer.

“We also can’t wait to share more about our long-term plans and will do so as soon as our teams finalize development and launch schedules,” Crystal Dynamics wrote towards the end of the update. “We’ve loved our adventures together, and we’re excited to show and share with you the adventures we have planned for new ways to fight, new Heroes to fight with, new challenges to face and how we plan to continue expanding Marvel’s Avengers.”

While there’s been speculation out there that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix might choose to end support for Marvel’s Avengers, as of now, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that. Less than a year ago, in fact, Crystal Dynamics said that it intended on supporting the game “for years to come.” Publisher Square Enix has also suggested the same in the past.

Recent leaks have suggested that the next playable hero to be added to Marvel’s Avengers is going to be She-Hulk- read more on that through here.

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