Microsoft is Working on “a Number of Improvements to Quick Resume”

The first 15 months or so of the Xbox Series X/S’ life have made it clear that Microsoft’s new console generation has plenty going for it on multiple fronts- with user-oriented features like Quick Resume being a big part of that. Microsoft has introduced a few improvements to Quick Resume every now and then, and it seems more of that will be coming down the line. Xbox’s director of program management recently took to Twitter and confirmed in a response to Twitter that Microsoft is currently working on “a number of improvements to Quick Resume” that will be focused on “giving players more options based on feedback”. Other than a general “stay tuned”, Ronald doesn’t elaborate, so there’s no word on what these improvements will be or when we can expect them to arrive. It’s certainly great to see, especially for Xbox users, that Microsoft is continuing to work behind the scenes on further refining the user experience of its console ecosystem. Hopefully there’s more of this in the works.

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