Monster Hunter Rise – Defender Weapons and Black Belt Armor Coming on February 24th


Struggling to complete Monster Hunter Rise especially with the Sunbreak expansion releasing this Summer? Capcom has confirmed that Defender weapons will be releasing free on February 24th for PC and Nintendo Switch, providing much higher damage output than most everything else. Check out how they compare to other weapons at the start.

Defender weapons can be upgraded for even more damage but that’s not all. Black Belt armor and a Veteran Talisman are also being added, the former providing higher damage resistance (though it can also be used as Layered Armor). The latter offers skills like Recovery Up which increases healing received. Though not the best option for the current end-game, these weapons and armor should be enough to finish up the story.

As for Sunbreak, it doesn’t currently have a release date but Capcom has promised more details this Spring. It launches simultaneously for Switch and PC, offering Master Rank quests, a new Elder Dragon to fight and a new story. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

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