Multiple Teams at VCC 2022 Found Guilty of Using Map Exploits


Tournament organizer NODWIN Gaming has found multiple teams guilty of using a map exploit in Valorant’s Haven map during Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022. Eight teams are currently competing at VCC 2022 for a spot at Valorant Champions Tour’s APAC Challengers One event. All guilty teams have been issued a strict warning by the tournament organizer.

Several teams used the crouch jump exploit on Haven

After reports of the exploit being used at the tournament came in, NODWIN Gaming observed that a number of teams made use of the popular crouch jump exploit on Haven on C Site, which is against the rules of the VCC. While all guilty teams have been issued a strict warning, the third map of Khumbu vs God Particles on Haven will be streamed live on 20th February at 1.30 PM IST.

Crouch jumping has been in the game for quite some time now and it is fairly simple to pull off. Jett players are capable of doing it very consistently but other agents can pull it off as well with a little practice. By jumping and then crouching while in the air, players can crouch jump, and reach vantage points. While the mechanic by itself is not considered an exploit, reaching unintended locations and abusing specific spots is considered to be a breach of competitive integrity. Walls that are otherwise too tall to climb on can be scaled.

The mechanic has been around for months after it was first discovered in Valorant’s early days. But Riot Games has not hotfixed it and it leads to players abusing it in-game. But in a competitive environment, there are rules dissuading the use of certain crouch jump spots. Players are also penalized for using out-of-bounds (OOB) locations that allow them to stay protected inside walls while being able to shoot through them or use abilities without taking damage.

Riot has patched out most of the common crouch jump spots that can be considered exploitable but a spot on Site C in Haven is still accessible in the current patch. If teams at the VCC make use of such exploits again despite being warned, they could face serious repercussions from Riot Games and may lose their opportunity to be a part of the Valorant Champions Tour main events.

This is not the first time that Nodwin Gaming has issued warnings for VCC teams, this week.

Global Esports and God Particles were also issued warnings by Nodwin Gaming due to their recent performance at the VCC Wildcard Qualifier grand finals. With both teams having qualified for VCC 2022, multiple players did not try their best in the matchup. Riot Games and Nodwin Gaming found both teams guilty of non-competitive behavior and warned them about the same.

VCC 2022: Global Esports and God Particles Warned For Not Maintaining Competitive Integrity Standards

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