New World All Resource and Interactive Maps (2022)


New World Interactive Map – Here we have provided a comprehensive guide of all the new world maps with complete detailing and how you can use them without having a hassle.

A massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) like New World, developed and published by Amazon Games Orange County, lets you start out in a small area but as you go, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of important sites, routes, and supplies.

New World – All Interactive & Resouces Maps

At any given time, New World will try to keep you focused on your goal by pointing you in the right direction; nonetheless, an interactive map is always helpful. If you’re unfamiliar with New World’s topography, we’ve included some of the best interactive maps in this guide to help you get a better sense of where you’re going and where the most important landmarks are.

For starters, the Map genie’s New World map is the most accurate variant of the official New World map accessible. You can locate every resource in the game, as well as quests, services, expedition maps, and other helpful information about the game on Map Genie’s maps, which are known for being the most detailed for any game that the site has chosen to cover. 

new world mapnew world map

For those who like to design their own location markers, this is an option as well. You’ll find it increasingly challenging to keep track of important places, routes, and supplies as you go through Amazon Games Orange County’s massively multiplayer online game, New World. In the middle of a task, New World will try its best to keep you on the right track by leading you to the next destination, but an interactive map is always helpful.

The best interactive maps for New World have been included in this guide in order to help you become more familiar with the full exportable geography, including all of the key landmarks and resource regions for farming that you will come across.

Firstly, the Map genie’s New World map is the most accurate version of the official New World map accessible. You can locate every resource available in the game, as well as quests, services, expedition maps, and other helpful information about the game on Map Genie’s maps, which are known for being the most detailed of any game that the site has chosen to cover on its site.

New World Map That can be Explored Interactively

As a result of the vastness of the New World, your journey will take you from coast to coast. Your crew and you are going to be exploring the map, whether it’s for a mission or to chronicle a settlement on the way there.

Even if the map itself serves as a type of guide for players as they make their way around and toward their goal, a little extra assistance from the map wouldn’t be a bad idea. Many New World fans created their own renditions of the game’s iconic landscape, showing all of the essentials that players may require in order to successfully navigate it.

new world new world

The New Dimensions of the World Map

On the map of the New World, there are 21.07344 square miles. A new interactive map in the New World reveals the exact locations of all game resources. Player-made tools and weaponry can be found across Amazon Games’ huge gaming world, which players can explore and gather resources. It is essential to engage in duties like constructing, cooking, refining, and crafting in order to exist in the New World.

In Amazon’s New World, there are diverse biomes and resources in each section of the map. To employ in your cookery, these biomes allow you to cultivate a wide range of wild foodstuffs such as meat and potatoes as well as various vegetables and spices such as cocoa.

Aside from that, the area’s chests, caches, and ores allow players to gather a wide range of useful items. Wood, stone, and other natural materials will also be needed to build characters and a home base in the New World. Amazon’s New World resource map also includes farmable resources including metals, leather, solvent, and other crafting materials.

All Interactive Resource Maps For New World

Currently, there are three new world maps were available that players can access within the New World video game. Following are the New World Interactive Maps.

1. Official New World Map

new world interactive mapnew world interactive map

The Official New World Map is way too different compared to the other two maps of New World. Because in this map you can easily able to explore by simply hovering the mouse over the map and easily uncover any regions that you want to explore. Moreover, unlike the other two maps, this map does not have detailed filters and that makes this map more helpful with the game.

In this map, you can explore regions better because some of the regions also have banners and glowing locations or areas that you can clearly able to view on the map.

2. New World-Map

new world mapnew world map

The New World-Map contains all important detailed filters and players can easily able to access filters in this map without having a hassle. Basically, this map like similar to the Genie map that aims to uncover all the key aspects and locations or landmarks of the map along with the resources including (minerals, woods, fishing, essences, and many more). But we don’t think this map has more detailed information when compared to the MapGenie.

3. Mapgenie  – New World Resource Map

The MapGenie is one of the best maps in the entire New World video game and it’s similar to the New World-Map but the Mapgenie has more detailed information along with the key points and landmarks including the helpful resources within the game.

mapgenie new worldmapgenie new world

Basically, this map has complete breakdown information of all the resources that you can able to discover in the New World game. So we can simply say that we can easily able to locate anything that avavailbe in the game without having a hassle.

These are the following things that you can able discover in the Magpie – (Locations, Woods, Enemies, Loots, Services, Animals, Minerals, Motes, Resouces, Quests, Collections and much more)

Well, that is not the end of it, you can also explore the parts of the territory on different maps. Moreover, this map also has a new feature that allows you to add custom locations within the map and track your custom location much more.

The New World Resource Map

Using the tracking tool, gamers in Amazon’s New World were able to locate resources more quickly. The interactive map also allows players to pinpoint the exact location of their desired resources.

1. Attain & Make Use of Tracking

You must first activate Resource Tracking before you can utilize the New World Resource Map.

To unlock this ability in the New World, sufficient activity in acquiring materials is required. Each of these resources is limited in quantity. At level 10 of mining activity, Iron Ore’s resource tracking becomes available.

Utilize the compass located in the top-center of the PC screen to pinpoint the exact location of the unlocked resource. Additionally, biomes can be used to pinpoint the location of the resource. To achieve your dietary requirements, you must, for example, cultivate fish in the water biome, hunt for animals in the forest, and pick vegetables in the plain.

This does have the disadvantage of preventing you from changing the monitored resource type. Although iron and silver are two distinct metals, they can be used with the same compass. As a result, you will not know which resource the compass is indicating until you arrive.

2. Interactive Map of the New World

The interactive map of the New World informs players of the precise locations of all available resources. To utilize the interactive map of Amazon’s New World, follow these steps.

How To Access the Interactive Map of the New World

  • Select ‘Show All’ to view all resources or ‘Hide All’ to view only selected resources.
  • Decide on the type of resource you desire. There are numerous resource types, including ore, plants, chests, woods, essences, and fishing.
  • Select the resource type by clicking on it. For instance, by selecting the Plants option, you can locate resources such as fungus, hemp, herbs, silkweed, wire fiber, dyes, Azoth spring, and culinary components.
  • To determine the coordination of a resource shown on the interactive map, place the point at its location.
  • Make a note of the location on the in-game map and travel there to farm the resource.
  • You may utilize the Amazon’s New World interactive map to locate opponents and bosses. Using the interactive map, you can easily find cities and towns.

3. The Tracking of Resources in the New World

Amazon’s New World’s resource tracking talent has several helpful hints.

As soon as other players have collected the materials at a gathering node, it may vanish. Until they reappear, you must wait. Avoid farming resources in densely populated areas.

Increase your skills and rank quickly in the New World to gain access to more resources. Nodes for all disciplines can only be seen by improving your skills in scavenging, harvesting, mining, and logging, all of which can be found in Compass.

The “Resource Locator” in New World will display the ‘zone’ where the hidden resource can be found.  Find the finest places to farm materials by combining Compass and Resource Locator.

To get the most out of the New World resource map, keep these guidelines in mind. Players can also use the map to find and farm items thanks to the interactive feature.

Things You Can Do With New World Map

Making use of the New World interactive map, which depicts the entire playing zone and highlights major landmarks, chests, and management locations can assist you in swiftly locating anything you’re looking for in the game. By reducing the amount of time it takes to finish a mission, this map can assist you in leveling up your character more rapidly.

In contrast, an interactive map of the New World provided by Ato, New World Fans, and Studio Loot can show you the locations of harvesting nodes, cartable, fishing, wildlife, and NPCs in addition to other useful information.

Anyone interested in a more creative interpretation of the New World’s map can do so by visiting the New World’s website, which features an interactive version of the map. Due to the limited number of spoilers on the primary interactive map, it is the best choice for individuals who like to maintain the element of surprise.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the New World Map with complete information.

Does New World have multiple maps?

You can utilize three interactive maps (official new world map, New World Map, and MapGenie) to see where sites of interest, chests, NPCs, and other items are located. You’d be a fool to ignore such detailed maps, whether you’re new to MMOs or a seasoned veteran.

How big is the New World map?

The map size of New World upon launch is around 40 square kilometers (or 15.5 square miles). According to the player’s views and answers on the gaming community and forums.

Is New World Map bigger than Skyrim?

The map of New World is substantially larger than single-player open-world games like Ghost of Tsushima (11.02 mile2), Skyrim (14.79 mile2), and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (28.9 mile2).


These are the three most popular New World interactive maps on the web. If you’re a fan of resource locations and want a detailed map, Map Genie is the best option for you; nevertheless, you can try all three and make your pick based on how much spoiler exposure you want.

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