PlayStation’s Main Competition This Year: It Might Not Be The Xbox…


For years, the battle between Sony and Microsoft (PlayStation and Xbox respectively) has been pretty much a two-horse race. That dates all the way back to the year 2001, the year the first Xbox was released.

However, the PlayStation has a little more history than that. It was first released all the way back in 1994, and to some people, those seven years of history give it a bit of an edge. It tends to set the pace in the race a lot of the time.

But the two-horse race is no more. Nowadays, there are plenty of other choices for those looking to pick up a new games console. So, today we’re checking out what else is available for all the keen gamers out there.

For a lot of people, their games console is one of the most important things in their lives. Not only can a games console be used to play all your favorite games, but it can also help you browse social media, talk with friends or stream your favorite shows online. You can even use it to play casino games at NJ online casinos!

Because of that, the decision we make as to which console to go for when we need to upgrade is a very important one. So, if you have a PlayStation right now or are thinking of picking one up soon, let’s find out a bit more about the other competitors on the market…

What does the PlayStation have to offer?

Undoubtedly, the PlayStation 5 is one of the best games consoles on the market. It’s a phenomenal piece of kit with some amazing specs, we all know this! Across the board, the PS5 has impeccable reviews and that’s down to some stunning hardware design, top of the range graphics and immense power. What more could you ask for?

The Xbox

At a similar time to the release of the PS5, Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and the Series S. We’ll be looking at the former today, as spec-wise, it’s more comparable to the PS5. This new Xbox, the most powerful ever made by the company, has more games, improved graphics and better features than ever.

However, it hasn’t done quite as well on sales as the PS5. But that’s kind of to be expected, as the Playstation is often the more widely selling console of a generation. At the time of writing, PS5 had sold about 15.5 million units whereas the Xbox had just about made it to 10 million.

That’s quite a big gap. So, is there another device that’s eating into the Xbox share of sales or is it simply that the PS5 is vastly superior? The answer is… it’s a bit of both.

How about a PC?

Perhaps the next best thing to the PS5 and the Xbox Series X is the PC. These days, more and more people are migrating to the PC for a number of reasons, including the ability to customize the specs.

With a PC, it’s possible to update the graphics, the processors and more so you can get the ultimate gaming experience. While doing this does rack up a bit of a bill, the more hardcore gamer out there wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s hard to say exactly what gaming PC sales are because a lot of people buy regular PCs and modify them. At this point, it’s impossible to say what the PCs are being used for. But based on the way things are going, we’re pretty confident that PCs have taken a large share of the sales of both the big two!

The best of the rest

What else is on the market if you’re not feeling the PS5, the Xbox Series X or the PC? Nothing really comes close in terms of the pure gaming power of these devices but there are certainly a few gaming consoles that people are picking up as alternatives. Here are just a few of those:

Nintendo Switch: While the Switch doesn’t have the same level of spec as the big boys, it does have a lot of classic games that people love to play, including the Mario saga.

Google Stadia: We’ll forgive you if this release went over your head. Google didn’t really hype up the release of the Stadia console but it is pretty cool!

Atari Flashback 9 Gold: If retro gaming is your thing, you may well love what Atari is bringing to the table.

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