Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide


Requests are side quests in the new Pokemon game. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide will tell you where to find all of the Requests we’ve completed as well as information on how to complete each of the Requests you encounter while exploring the game.

There are a lot of Requests available as you explore the world of Pokemon Legends Arceus. They are usually given by towns folk as you explore the town, marked by a small request icon above the head of the person giving the Request. These are optional side quests that you can complete or ignore.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide

Request #1 Wurmple Can Evolve

Request: Request from Beauregard outside the Galaxy Hall. He asks you to find a Wurmple
Solution: You can catch a Wurmple at specific areas in Obsidian Fields.
Reward: 3x Dazzling Honey

Request #2 Adorably Starly

Request: Request from Marli, near the Galaxy Hall. They ask you to show Marli a complete Pokedex entry for Starly
Solution: Starly is commonly found in the Obsidian Fields map.
Reward: x10 Pokeball

Request #3 What Did Shinxs Ears Look Like

Request: Request from Toshi, near Galaxy Hall. Asks you to catch a Shinx. You can find Toshi near the Photography building at night.
Solution: Shinx is commonly found throughout the Obsidian Fields map.
Reward: Potion x3

Request #4 Big Buizel, Little Buizel

Request: Request from Dorian at the South gate to Jubilife Village. He asks you to catch a bigger Buizel.
Solution: Buizel can be caught near the streams on the Obsidian Fields map. It needs to be over 2’8″. It took me about 20-30 catches. You will get a notification of catching one larger version of the species, that’s usually big enough but not always.
Reward: 5x Oran Berry, 1x Exp Candy S.

Request #5 What It Takes To Be Awesome

Request: Speak with a small kid inside a house right next to the craft shop
Solution: Deliver 5 Pokeballs
Reward: x3 Grit Dust

Request #6 Mushroom Cake Marketing

Request: in Obsidian Fields, after you return for the third time. He’s found right next to the camp. He wants you to find Springy Mushrooms.
Solution: You can find Springy Mushrooms in the South East corner of the Obsidian Fields map.
Reward: 1x Mushroom Cake recipe

Request #7 Playing With Drifloon

Request: On the Job board in the professors lab. You can find Miki near the South entrance to the village at night.
Solution: Rest until Evening and then head to Prelude Beach to the South of town. You’ll find a boy hiding behind the hut with Drifloon.
Reward: Stardust x1

Request #8 Bothersome Bidoof

Request: On the Job board in the professors lab. Speak to Tsumugi near the East entrance to town, I spoke with her at night.
Solution: Find all three Bidoof and help her catch them. Check out our guide on where to find Bothersome Bidoof.
Reward: Rare Candy x1

Request #9 Zubats Eyes

Request: On the Job board in the professors lab. Clarissa can be found near the farm during the night, behind the row of houses. She wants you to show her a Zubat
Solution: Catch a Zubat and show it to Clarissa.
Reward: Aux Power

Request #10 – Wurmples Evolved

Request: It’s to do with the man outside the Galactic Hall, after you give him his Wurmple from Request #1. His Wurmple evolves when you catch a Cascoon, then you need to catch a Silcoon to get this Request.
Solution: Deliver a Silcoon. Wurmple evolves into different forms depending on personality so just grab a bunch and you should get one.
Reward: 1x XP Candy Small

Request #11 The Timbre Of The Fields

Request: Near the first camp in Obsidian Fields. Tasks you with filling out a Pokedex entry for Kricketot
Solution: You can catch Kricketot quite commonly in Obsidian Fields. Check South West of Nature’s Pantry, by the shoreline. You need to earn 10 points in Kricketot’s Pokedex to complete the Request.
Reward: x3 Vivichoke

Request #12 A Perfect Pickling Stone

Request: Inside Galaxy Hall. Radisa wants you to catch her a Geodude.
Solution: They are easy to find near Deertrack Path but if you get stuck, check out our guide on where to catch Geodude. Once you have the quest complete, Radisa can be found in her home, the three houses near the farm, the middle house
Reward: 3x Honey Cake, 1x Small XP Candy

Request #13 Trees That Bear Berries

Request: On the Obsidian Fields map. Man asks you to collect three Cheri Berries
Solution: Use Pokemon to knock berries from a tree
Reward: 15x Pokeball

Request #14 Berry Helpful

Request: In town after you meet the Diamond and Pearl clan leaders. You’re asked to deliver 5 Oran Berries
Solution: These are common on many of the trees in the Obsidian Field area. You must have them in your satchel, not your storage
Reward: x3 Revive

Request #15 Balloon Race In The Fieldlands

Request: At The Heights Camp. Speak with the man and then complete the mission.
Solution: Whilst riding a Pokemon hit 17 of the balloons.
Reward: 1x Rare Candy, 15x Feather Ball

Request #16 Strange Happenings At Midnight

Request: In the town at night, near all the houses. Sanqua asks you to investigate her house at night.
Solution: Go into the house. Investigate the covered mirror at the back of the room and then investigate the table with the pot on it. Then investigate the chest near the door. Then investigate the partition furniture on the side of the wall to see a Pichu.
Reward: Nanab Berry

Request #17 To Bloom Or Not To Bloom

Request: In the town, near the farm, after meeting the Diamond and Pearl clan leaders.
Solution: Complete any single objective from the Cherrim entry in the Pokedex. I’ve not found anywhere to catch a Cherrim directly but we do have a guide on where to catch a Cherubi if you don’t have one either, they evolve into Cherrim. To complete the Pokedex can be complicated, check out our guide here.
Reward: 5x Vivichoke

Request #18 Please! Make Me A Pokeshi Doll

Request: Outside Galaxy Hall, in town. He wants you to create crafting recipes using Pokeshi Dolls.
Solution: You need to find wood. You can find it in the South East corner of the Obsidian Fields map, near Heartwood.
Reward: Pokeshi Doll

Request #19 – A Peculiar Ponyta

Request: Obtained by using the board in the professors lab inside the Galaxy building.
Solution: Speak with Yota who can be found on the Western bridge near the farm during the event. He stands on the bridge. Head to Horseshoe Plains, turn on the objective marker and head to the location. You find a special version of Ponyta. Catch it.
Reward: 5x Razz Berry

Request #20 – The Mysterious Will-o-the-Wisp

Request: Speak with Paira near the houses in town. Then head to the Windswept Run at night, West of the Heights Camp.
Solution: Turn on the objective tracker and then investigate the tree. It’s a Chimchar. Catch or kill it to finish the objective. This is the only place you can catch a Chimchar until much later in the game.
Reward: 2x Small EXP Candy

Request #21 Back-Alley Mr.Mime

Request: From the board in the professors lab. It tells you to speak with Andra about a Mr. Mime. This Request is only available after you have caught a Mr.Mime.
Solution: Run around the back of the houses and approach Mr Mime from behind. Then he heads behind the Galaxy building, follow again and work around his light screen.
Reward: Aux Guard x2

Request #22 – Eerie Apparitions In The Night

Request: This Request is given to you automatically as part of the story. You need to collect 107 Whisps.
Solution: N/A
Reward: 3x Twice-Spiced Radish

Request #23 – Getting Ahold Of New Wares

Request: Speak with Choy that runs the General Store. He wants more items in his store.
Solution: His asks you to bring Hearty Grains to Tao Hua. You need three Grains. They are yellow, corn-like plants. You can find them in the very first area after the camp in the Crimson Mirelands
Reward: General Store New Items

Request #24 – Inspiration From Hippopotas

Request: Speak with Anthe, the lady that runs the clothes store. She wants help researching new clothes.
Solution: You need to head to the Crimson Mirelands and catch Hippopotas, you need one male and one female. You can tell the difference with the color around the eyes. One is dark, one is light. You can find them West of Sludge Mound in the large pools of mud.
Reward: New clothing shop items

Request #25 – The Pokemon In The Woodland Photo

Request: Speak with Dagero. You have to enter the photography building, take a few photos, and then do a full run on one of the maps. When you return, Dagero will be outside his house with this request.
Solution: You need to catch and show him a Buneary, you find them in The Heartwood. We have a guide here.
Reward: New photography options

Request #26 – Aim For The Big Leagues

Request: Speak with Taggart on Canala Avenue in town.
Solution: Go to the practice field to the South of the village and get enough points on the mini-game.
Reward: 15x Great Ball, 1x Nugget

Request #27 – Help Wanted: Plowing The Fields

Request: Speak with Miller by the farm. He wants a ground type Pokemon. Geodude are easy to catch in the area.
Solution: Catch a Geodude and return it to Miller at the farm
Reward: Additional Farming Fields

Request #28 – Measuring Your Compatibility

Request: Speak with Belamy near the Pastures
Solution: Show him a Pokemon that has high friendship with you. Your starter should work perfectly fine at this point.
Reward: 1x Rare Candy

Request #29 – The Search For Bitter Leaves

Request: Speak with Shinon on Canala Avenue in town. She asks you to speak with Anise to find some herbs.
Solution: Head into the Galaxy building and speak with Anise, she’s also on Canala Avenue during the day. She’s in her home. If you’re heading toward the South gate, second last on the left. She wants you to find a Pokemon with three leaves. You need to catch a Petilil. They can be found on the Crimson Mirelands map near the Holm of Trials.
Reward: 3x Fine Remedy, 5x Hopo Berry

Request #30 – A Beautiful Rose

Request: Speak with Berra at the Mirelands Camp in Crimson Mirelands. She wants a Roselia Dex.
Solution: She wants the full dex entries complete for Roselia. You don’t need to complete every dex entry, you just need to get 10 points.
Reward: 5x Grain Cake, 2x Small EXP Candy

Request #31 – Setting Up The Bogbound Camp

Request: Speak with Meldon near Sludge Mound.
Solution: Head to the location and defeat the Stunky’s.
Reward: New base camp.

Request #32 – The Headache-Stricken Psyduck

Request: Speak with Martia at the Diamond Settlement in Crimson Mirelands. She wants help healing her Psyduck’s headaches
Solution: Head into the Galaxy building and speak with Tomma. She gives you the medicine. Return to the other lady to complete the Request
Reward: 1x Max Revive

Request #33 – What A Massive Mushroom

Request: From the professors board after you catch/evolve a Parasect. You can catch the Alpha Parasect and it counts.
Solution: Speak with Morel in the village to get started. Simply deliver the Parasect to complete the Request
Reward: 5x Candy Truffle

Request #34 – Croagunks Curative Poison

Request: The board in the professors lab. Interact with that then speak with Pesselle of the Medical Corps inside the Galaxy Hall
Solution: Catch a Croagunk and return it to complete the mission.
Reward: 1x Full Heal, 3x EXP Candy Small

Request #35 – Battling With Pachirisu

Request: The board in the professors lab. Interact with that, you must have caught a Pachirisu to get this Request. The alpha one is fine.
Solution: Head to Crimson Mirelands and speak with Ren. You need to remove all Pokemon from your party and win with just Pachirisu. This is why catching the Alpha one is a good idea as it’s level 40. Speak with him to fight a Pokemon and complete the Request. Start off with Thunder Wave then kill it.
Reward: 3x Sitrus Berry, 1x Grit Gravel

Request #36 – Watering With Care

Request: From the board in the professors lab. You get this after catching a Sudowoodo. Head to Crimson Mirelands to speak with Odo.
Solution: You need to bring a Pokemon with Water Pulse. Gyarados learns it early so catch a Magikarp if you don’t have Water Pulse available. Psyduck, Shellos, Golduck, other options.
Reward: Heavy Ball x15, Exp Candy Small x3

Request #37 – The Fragrance Of Nostalgic Herbs

Request: Speak with Risa in the Galaxy building, downstairs. She asks you to catch a Pokemon that has herbs shaped like blue vines growing on it.
Solution: You need to catch a Tangela. Check out our guide on where to catch Tangela
Reward: Smoke Bomb x5, x2 Exp Candy Small.

Request #38 – Gone Astray..in The Mirelands

Request: Speak with Zeke in Galaxy Hall and he asks you to find his sister.
Solution: Head to Crimson Mirelands and mount your new friend. Follow his signal to find the girl. She can be found in the South West corner, just below the term “Gapejaw Bog” on the map.
Reward: 3x Stardust

Request #39 – All About Magikarp

Request: Speak with Ceci in town outside of the Galactic building, you must catch a Magikarp to unlock this request.
Solution: You need to complete Magikarp Pokedex up to at least 10 points.

Request #40 – The Charm Lost In The Swamp

Request: Speak with Yojiro at the Sludge Mound camp in Crimson Mirelands.
Solution: Head to this location. There’s a small island in the middle of a swamp. There’s a shining object in the water. Approach it to fight a Hippowden and then complete the mission.
Reward: 5x Iron Chunk, 1x Grit Gravel

Request #41 – An Elegant Tail

Request: Speak with Asabei in town. He asks you to find an elegant Pokemon with a tail that curls like a spring and catch one.
Solution: You are looking to catch a Glameow. They can be found in the first area of the Crimson Mirelands
Reward: 2x Aux Evasion, 2x Grit Gravel

Request #42 – Help Wanted: Watering The Fields

Request: Speak to Miller at the farm, he wants a water type Pokemon.
Solution: Deliver any water Pokemon to Miller. Any of the dozens of Buizel’s you caught earlier will work fine.
Reward: More fields.

Request #43 – More New Wares

Request: Speak with Choy after completing Request #23 – Getting Ahold Of New Wares and he wants you to find 3 Pop Pods to give to
Solution: You find Pop Pods along the beachy areas in Cobalt Coastlands. You can find some quickjly at the Ginkgo Landing location.
Reward: More items in the shop

Request #44 – The Pokemon In The Nighttime Photo

Request: Speak with Dagero outside of his photography room. He wants you to capture the Pokemon in the photo. It shows a Pokemon near a shipwreck at night.
Solution: Eagle eyed fans of Pokemon will instantly recognize this Pokemon as Duskull. You need to catch a Duskull and hand it to the man. You can find Duskull in the Cobalt Coastlands, at the Deadwood Haunt at night.
Reward: More photography options

Request #45 – Shells of the East and West

Request: Speak to Anthe, the clothes shop owner, she asks you to asks you to catch a Shello from Obsidian Fieldlands, and Cobalt Coastlands.
Solution: You can catch the Shellos in Obsidian Fields in sunny weather during the day South of Sandgem Flats in the South West. The Cobalt Coastlands Shellos can be found on this small island here. It was during a storm for me. You need the ability to ride on water.

Request #46 – Setting Up The Coastlands Camp

Request: Speak with Gully on the South East side of Cobalt Coastlands. She wants you to find Yorrick.
Solution: You find..

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