Pokemon Unite Aegislash Guide: Stats, Moveset, and Best Builds For The Sentient Sword And Shield


Aegislash is unlike any Pokemon that’s come before it in . The all-rounder can be built as an offensive machine or a tank of sorts depending on the moveset you choose, and that versatility allows you to plan for multiple situations. It’s an adept jungler, being able to subdue wild Pokemon fairly quickly and then score goals to put your team ahead.

One quick note: In the guide below you’ll see mention of a “boost count” and how certain parameters will increase it. This is in reference to Aegislash’s core mechanic, which stores boosts for its normal attack via successful blade and shield maneuvers rather than the standard “every third normal attack is boosted” scenario. As you’ll see, this moveset can allow you to store boosted normals early and often, so make sure what moves can provide boosts and when.

Pokemon Unite Aegislash stats and moveset

Here’s what we’re working with when Aegislash slices into the arena:

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