PUBG: NEW STATE adds new Round Deathmatch Mode, new weapons and more in latest update


PUBG: NEW STATE has just gotten a deliciously deadly new update with the new Round Deathmatch Mode, letting players duke it out on the battlefield with higher stakes and bigger challenges. The new 4v4 mode is part of the battle royale game’s latest update, which also brings a new Survivor Pass, weapons customisation options and more. Now available on Android and iOS, the new update for PUBG: NEW STATE highlights the Round Deathmatch (RDM) Mode – a round-based battle where teams fight to be the last remaining victor. The stakes are higher as players cannot respawn as with other traditional deathmatches. In a best of seven series, teams will start each match with basic weapons on the Arena’s opposite sides across a new map that’s exclusive to RDM. The Blue Zone will function as expected, so it’s up to the teams how they want to play out their survival strategy. … [MORE]

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