PunBall tier list – The best power-ups that you can get


Call it a shooting puzzle, a block breaker game (Arkanoid anyone?), or anything in between. It doesn’t change the fact that PunBall can become very challenging, very fast! After the first few stages, many players end up frustrated simply because they just can’t advance any further. Well, that’s why we are here! On this page, you’ll find out what the most powerful upgrades are for your magic balls, so you can take down your enemies a lot easier! Let’s get right into it! At the beginning of the game, your mage only has normal balls at their disposal to fight off the enemy waves. The normal ball can bounce between them and do damage, but it’s nothing special really. Whenever you break a blue cube though, you will receive a power-up. These power-ups offer you the ability to select one out of three random balls and add them to your arsenal. There are also different power-ups that will trigger once a certain condition is met. For example, upon an enemy’s death or, when you perform a big combo. … [MORE]

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