Reina Ueda Talks About Ganyu in Genshin Impact Interview


genshin impact ganyu interview

The Japanese YouTube channel for Genshin Impact uploaded a 15-minute-long interview with Reina Ueda, who voices Ganyu. Her interview contains spoilers for Archon Quest Chapter 2. Before she started to talk about Ganyu, she spent quite some time talking about how cute Raiden Shogun is.

The entirety of the interview is on YouTube and here are some brief highlights from it:

Ueda said that Ganyu must feel lonely, due to her status as a half-Adeptus. But she still wants to help others around her and is a bit of an airhead. According to Ueda, it was difficult to adjust how earnest to make Ganyu sound to best portray her unique obliviousness. Ueda said Ganyu has a cute personality, and the two are similar in how they don’t quite like to talk. She also brought up Ganyu’s strength in battle. Though Ueda does not have Ganyu yet, she noted that she has Amos’ Bow and is anticipating Ganyu’s next re-run banner.

While clearing Domains or Ley Lines uses up Resin, simply wandering the world and doing quests do not require any stamina. Ueda cheerfully lamented how an entire day can go by because there is so much to do in Genshin Impact between exploring the world and defeating enemies. While other cast interviews (such as the one with Saori Hayami and the one with Ayako Kawasumi) do discuss playing the game, Ueda tended to pull the topic back to it a lot more. For example, when talking about characters she likes other than Ganyu, she brought up Kazuha, because he is the first 5-star she pulled. Her first C6 is Ayaka.

Other Ueda roles include Kanao from Demon Slayer and Gray from the Fate series.

Genshin Impact is readily available worldwide on mobile devices and the PS4, PS5, and Windows PC. It will also come to the Switch.

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