Review: Eschatos – A Boldly Unique And Historical Shmup Package


Here comes the judgement.

M-KAI began his game development life on the MSX with RPG Izumic Ballade, before moving into the shoot-em-up arena with Kanzen Kouryaku Kyokugen and Pleasure Hearts. The distinct design hallmarks of these early works — leaning toward lightweight, unpretentious fun — have remained present throughout his commitment to the genre.

Qute Corporation released the Wonderwitch in 2000, a game development device for Bandai’s Japan-only WonderSwan handheld. To encourage sales, a software coding competition was held with a 500,000 Yen cash prize and the promise of a commercially published game. M-KAI’s Judgement Silversword — a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up — took the crown, thus beginning a long-term collaboration with Qute to produce his future games.

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