Road to the Final promo set to return in FUT 22 soon


The Future Stars promo is still going strong in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with SBC content pouring in regularly.

However, we’re looking beyond the current campaign and taking a look at the next promo in FUT 22 which will be the fan-favourite Road to the Final (RTTF)!

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming FIFA 22 RTTF promo and its new FUT loading screen that has fans buzzing.

Latest – Loading Screen confirms RTTF

FIFA 22 is moving from strength to strength with each new promo, and this could be one of the most anticipated yet – the return of Road to the Final (RTTF).

Check out FUT’s new loading screen that confirms the next FIFA 22 FUT promo below:

Cards from the Champions League (UCL), Europa League (UEL), and Europa Conference League (UECL) will be available with plenty of upgrades to be had.

Road to the Final (RTTF)

The Road to the Final promo sees players competing in the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League awarded a ‘live’ special card.

These cards’ OVR improves depending on how their team is faring in the competition.

The player’s Road To The Final item receives an upgrade each time their team succeeds at select stages throughout the tournament.

Last year saw Mason Mount as one of the top-rated cards in the promo, with his card reaching 90 OVR as Chelsea got all the way to the final and won.

Release Date

The Future Stars promo is currently ongoing in FUT 22 and will run for the rest of this week.

The official start date of the Road to the Final campaign has finally been announced! The new event will kick off on Friday, 18 February.

The RTTF cards will be released into packs at approximately 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the day of release.

The Road to the Final promo could run for just one week, with the ‘What If’ promo following on straight away, so the schedule is looking very busy in the FUT 22 calendar.


EA usually selects some of the most meta cards from the top European clubs, and we expect this year to be no different.

PSG centre-back Presnel Kimpembe is yet to receive a special card in FIFA 22, and we think this could be his chance.

The Frenchman’s base card is already incredible, so this card, with the potential for upgrades, will no doubt be one of the most expensive cards on the market.

EA is sure to include a Liverpool player in the promo, so perhaps in-form Portuguese striker, Diogo Jota could be selected.

The Reds will most likely progress through the early rounds of the knockout stages which guarantees upgrades for whoever is selected.

How do RTTF cards work?

All Champions League and Europa League Road To The Final items start with an upgrade at the launch of the event.

From there, the player’s Road To The Final item receives a further upgrade each time their team succeeds at select stages throughout the tournament.

Road To The Final players do not need to be selected or have played in each stage to receive an upgrade.

If a player is no longer on the roster of a club in either tournament, they will not receive any further upgrades.

Likewise, if a player’s team gets knocked out of either tournament, they will no longer receive any upgrades.

Once a certain round of the competition is over, Road To The Final items could take up to a few days to update in-game.

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