Skateboarding sim Session just got a big update – is it worth getting on board?


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Skateboarding sim Session has added a lot in the past two years, but also lost some of its ragdoll charm. Since last year’s total physics overhaul, you no longer bail with every failed trick, instead teleporting off your board in a strange, stiff way that saves time but (for me at least) replaces one unrealistic motion with another, less funny one. I want to get that gripe out of the way, because otherwise it’s still gunning to be the sim for darksliding anoraks.

The next update will add two new areas, which I got to try out recently, and some new pro skater faces. If you can ignore the frequent wacky physics hiccups and the rigid, nonplussed reaction your character has when they should, by all rights, be landing flat on their face, you’ll find a surprisingly chill skating game. It’s less about hoarding points with as many tricks as possible and more about pushing languidly around a city as viewed through a seasoned kickflipper’s fisheye goggles.

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