Steam Deck Launch Date and Shipment Date Revealed


Steam Deck Shipment Date

Valve revealed that the Steam Deck shipment date is set for later next month, which means you can probably enjoy Elden Ring on your handheld platform if you are lucky enough to be among those who received the first batch of Steam Deck.

Last year, Valve revealed a brand new piece of tech that fascinated many gamers around the world, who would love to have a handheld platform as powerful as a medium-range gaming PC.

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Steam Deck soon turned into the most anticipated gaming hardware of 2022, and many gamers reserved a purchasing spot for their favorite model of the platform.

While there was already some speculation that Valve might not be able to deliver the hardware in February 2022, the company confirmed just a few hours earlier that Steam Deck will be launched later next month.

God of War | PC Announce Trailer

God of War | PC Announce Trailer

When Is Steam Deck Shipment Date?

According to Valve, Steam Deck will be launched on February 25 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET/6 pm UTC by sending the first batch of invitation emails for those who have already reserved a model to complete their purchase.

You will only have 72 hours to complete your purchase before your reservation gets canceled and the next person in the queue gets the chance to buy the platform.

Once you’re done with the payment process, the first batch of Steam Deck platforms will be shipped on February 28. Although it’s three days after Elden Ring, one of the most anticipated games of 2022, still, you could enjoy FromSoftware’s next title on your handheld PC a few days after launch.

According to Valve, a new batch of invitation emails will be sent to those who are in the reservation queue on a weekly basis, until all reservations are fulfilled.

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