Submerged: Hidden Depths preview — Out on the blue


Submerged Hidden Depths preview feat Preview 1The original Submerged came out nearly seven years ago, and it took quite a while for a sequel to be made. It made its way to Stadia in 2020, but is at last heading to Steam on March 10. Submerged: Hidden Depths promises another slab of relaxing exploration for players to get lost in, and I got to experience it for an hour. Upon starting this surprise sequel, it became clear that this is one of the most gorgeous games I’ve seen in a while. It obviously wasn’t made by a AA or AAA studio, but that hasn’t stopped developer Uppercut Games from crafting something that’s truly a visual marvel. I’m already quite fond of the game, so let’s dig into just what I saw. Submerged: Hidden Depths has you take control of a young woman who travels the world on a boat alongside her younger brother. An apocalyptic event has occurred that caused the world to be overtaken by something called Mass, and the sister has powers related to this unknown entity. She has flowe…

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