Thanks to Wordle, I’ve become a balding crossword enjoyer


wordle crosswords

I, like millions of other people, decided to jump on board the Wordle hype train a few weeks back. Seeing everyone I know post green, red, and grey mosaics on Twitter somehow drew me into the browser game that crashed into – wait, no – broke into the mainstream with just five letters a day.

It even drew me into the vast world of Wordle spinoffs! Hours upon hours were dropped into the growing genre of brain-busting games that tested my knowledge of geography, mathmatic equations, Pokemon, and professional cyclists. Never before had my brain felt so smooth and bumpless. While there was a lot of short-term enjoyment from these lovely alternatives, the classic Wordle pulled me back like I was Michael Corleone, almost free from the damn thing.

My love-hate relationship with Wordle drew my eye towards the New York Times’ online selection of games, the soon-to-be new home for the internet juggernaut. I didn’t even know they had a games section! Hoping to be one step ahead of Wordle, I scouted around the pre-existing selection to see whether something else would tear my attention away from my traditional morning routine of browsing Twitter. If only I had known that I’d be trading out something short and sweet for something much worse.

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