The Electronic Wireless Show Palentine’s Day Special 2022


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Happy Valentine’s day to you, even though we are a bit late. If any annoying colleagues or relatives ask, you can say that we’re all your girlfriend. We at the Electronic Wireless Show podcast like to think of it as Palentine’s anyway, because we’re all pals and you, our listeners, are all our pals too (including Henry “Vitamin H” Cavill). So today we’re talking about our favourite romances in video games, but also our absolute best mates, too.

Sadly Matthew, one of our real life bestest pals, couldn’t be here this week. Curiously, it’s a much more well-behaved podcast than normal, suggesting that actually the chaotic influence was Matthew all along… Still, Nate updates us on his war gaming models, which are slowly becoming a diorama and/or dolls’ house. I also tell him about the final third of a film about an aquarium where all the fish become zombies, called Aquarium Of The Dead. It is not a good film.

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